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Where building your legacy... is our legacy.


Let's be real. The reason you have found Vertical Legacy is that you want to make a lot of money and pass on that legacy to those you care about and or give back to humanity to ensure the world is a better place. Right? After studying literally hundreds of Compensation plans and price points for years, VL have designed a compensation plan around YOU. Passing up sales to others who are not making the sales does not reward YOU for doing the work. You did the work, you get paid on every sale. And Vertical Legacy loves to pay out large commissions. 100% on our first 2 products and 90% on our last 3 products.

As you review the Compensation video, we encourage to run your own numbers... we are confident you come to the same conclusion we have... you have found the perfect product line and the most lucrative affiliate compensation plan in existence today.

Your legacy is well within reach.